The Cluster Dragon Project is located 66 km northeast of the cities of La Serena and Coquimbo, in the precordillerano sector of the Province of Elqui, La Higuera district, Chile, around important mining projects in the districts of Cupriferous and Auriferous.

The Project is close to important road infrastructure and to Puerto Cruz Grande (CAP), as well as concentrating and leaching metallurgical treatment plants.


  • The first exploration works that occurred in the area are those of Tapia (1992) and Valdebenito (1998), whose reports deal mainly with the Cecilia, Cármen, La Carlita and Colorado Mines, which correspond to Au veins located in the area. North of Aquarius.

  • Orion Ltda. (2001) analyzes samples for geochemistry and compares the mineralized system to Cármen de Andacollo and Dayton.

  • As of 2003, geological mapping, geochemical sampling and magnetometric measurements were carried out, which increased the prospective interest of the Dragon Cluster.

  • In the year 2010 Sumitomo Metal Mining Chile Ltda. (SMMC) obtained an option for the property, carrying out studies of geophysics, geochemical sampling, geological mapping and diamond drilling, which detected hipogenous mineralization of copper porphyry type with 0.2% – 0.3% Cu and intercepts isolated up to 0.89% Cu.

  • Currently, the company is exploring the less explored targets of the Project and is also performing a reinterpretation of historical information for better understanding and reduction of risks in exploration.


The Dragon Cluster Project is located in the Eocene-Oligocene Metallogenic Strip, with a Cu-Au (Mo) porphyry mineralization, with an associated epithermal system

The project is composed of 5 zones of hydrothermal alteration of prospective interest corresponding to Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, Central Alpha and Scorpion.

To date, the project has significant progress in exploration, with the completion of geophysical studies of Magnetometry and IP; a multi-element ICP geochemical sampling on the surface of the rock and the drilling of more than 24,000 m of diamond drilling.


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Interpretation of Probes

  • Target “Tauro”, present intersectos of 0.89%Cu and 0.92g/t Au.

  • “Aries” present intersectos of 0,69%Cu and 0,27g/t Au.

  • They have been identified in the Dragon Cluster Inferred resources of the order of 80Mt @ 0.38% Cu Equiv (Cu + Au), and according to the intersects identified and the geological model defined for the project, a Potential of 350- 400 Mt @ 0.80% Cu Equiv (Cu + Au).

  • Mineral bodies identified “open” in depth and with lateral continuity.


  • Initiating exploration in targets not explored (Central Alpha).

  • Re-studying and re-interpreting historical information to better understand and reduce risks in exploration.

  • Las Ñipas Mineral Company is in the search to initiate strategic alliances that allow to continue and deepen the exploration of its Dragon Cluster Project.

  • Mineral bodies identified “open” in depth and with lateral continuity.

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